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9 Predictions for Instagram

Predictions For Instagram

9 Predictions for Instagram

9 Predictions for Instagram: Instagram has over 800 million active monthly users as one of the leading social media platforms. It has become a popular place to market products and influence media.


GIF stickers

Add animated stickers to your photos or videos in the story of the new GIF stickers available in Instagram.

You can select your GIF from a library with centuries of thousands of GIPHY-powered moving stickers.

In the next few weeks, Instagram will also be able to add a resolution history.

This includes a personalized gradient to match what you conveyed.


Standalone DMs

Instagram can launch a standalone application for direct messages, similar to Facebook’s Massager.

In six countries — Italy, Israel, Turkey, Chile, Portugal, and Uruguay — it announced the “first app to connect seamlessly back to the Instagram.”


Stories over Posts

The number of stories about organic posting has increased with the introduction of stories on Instagram.

Stories are a cheap way to promote products and market affiliates.

You can also add redirect links to the purchasing platform in Instagram.


Shoppable links

The long history of Instagram was to avoid clickable links in posts and messages.

These features are intended to improve the marketing affiliation scope soon.

Instagram offers redirections to its sponsored posts already.


Virtual Reality

We can expect Instagram to start Virtual Reality features by rapid advances in VR tech and a 360-photos attempt on Facebook.

Virtual Reality fosters commitment. It offers a memorable, immersive experience, which brands recognize.


Video content boost

Instagram indicated a higher viewing of video content with the addition of counting views for videos.

In terms of product placements and sponsorships, we see growth in visual content.


Content filtered

Instagram focuses on contents monitoring with the increase of cases of malicious content and online bullying.

To manage content and regulate your posts and stories, automated instruments and resources can be introduced.


Posts and stories to increase

10 Instagram predictions in 2018, sponsored articles and stories will increase.

Instagram has made advances in marketing on the platform by adding sponsored stories.

Sponsored stories will be a trend in Instagram marketing by redirecting links into stories.


Marketing for micro influencers

Instagram is a sweet spot for micro influencer, which follow from 10,000 to 100,000 significantly.

While the Instagram influencers have relatively small audiences, their connections with their audience reflect high conversion rates.

In 2018, in particular with progress in story and sponsored posting, will increase the reaches of Instagram.

The new surprise the platform holds for us excites us.

In 2018, we can expect Instagram to become the next billion of users with the trend in the engagement of the audience.

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