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Nine ways on how to grow twitter followers

twitter followers

How to grow twitter followers organically

How to grow twitter followers: It is important to post regularly to a successful Twitter account. You’re popularizing your page with a regular rate for reading, reacting to and even sharing with others.

Though Twitter is more text-based than visual, it is always a good thing to post visuals, to keep your supporters interested.

This article will discuss some of the best tried and tested tips on how to grow twitter followers.

See the trends:

It’s an important step forward in identifying the current trends on Twitter. Find all the keywords or hashtags that match your content, brand or business. Using these hashtags, you can gain more visibility on-line and potential followers can search your hashtag easily.

Creative and dignified content:

Twitter is a place to live creativity. Valueful content is what hooks and anticipates people on your accounts. People tend to follow accounts which are unrelated or valuable. You have therefore to create content that is meaningful and unique, be it text, photos or video.

Consistency is key:

It helps to update and keep your account up-to-date. By offering your audience something to enjoy, you use a loyal audience to support them. You can also use online schedules and calendars to help you efficiently plan your posts.

Engage with other influencers:

It is essential to create a social circle of others who fall into the same niche. Make strong links with them by involving, sharing and re-tweeting their content. This helps you to increase your credibility and reach your audience.

Connect people from other platforms:

To promote and follow your Twitter page, please use your other social media account such as Facebook and Instagram. Add your social media platform links, and follow buttons to lead your followers to your Twitter account.

Campaign of Followers:

Run a campaign for your page to get more followers. These campaigns contribute to promoting your account through publicity. This is an economical way to gain more followers.

Time your posts carefully:

Select the right mailing time. Many of your valuable posts can go unnoticed, or other tweets can be buried on the sea at the wrong time. To find the right moment for you to post, use Twitter analysis. This will show when your supporters are most active; thus, your page will increase your commitment.


You should seek more retweets for each post. To do so, you must create uniquely related, useful contents, which followers see as a post to replace. This will increase your visibility online. Tweets more likely to be retweeted tend to be sympathetic, awareness-raising and even humorous.

You can also run retweet competitions to help get more retweets in your postings. These competitions generally take place with a reward, such as skype calls for direct messages and meetings and greetings.

The follow-up ratio:

It is important to keep the following relationship with an excellent follower. You may become suspected of a bot account if your following count is much higher than your followers count. Or you won’t be seen as a worthy user by potential new fans.

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