How to get verified on Twitter in 2021

Twitter Verification

If you’re active on Twitter, you’ve certainly noticed a blue checkmark linked with numerous accounts. You might be asking how to achieve that verification status if you’re a brand, corporation, or celebrity. Twitter Verification is a status symbol since it shows that a profile is genuine.

Although Twitter verification can aid in the development of credibility, it is not the only means through which companies, enterprises, and individuals can establish a trustworthy presence on Twitter. Although public verification applications are presently closed, continue reading to discover more about how to establish a respectable presence on Twitter, whether or not you have a blue checkmark.

Why you get Verified on Twitter:

Let’s go through the need for Twitter verification again before we go any further.

The coveted blue verification label that appears on Twitter accounts informs users that the account is relevant to the public and, most importantly, genuine. Any verified account appears on their profile and in search results with a blue checkmark next to their username, and it always appears in the same position.

Accounts need to be verified to communicate to their viewers that they are genuine and trustworthy. If a consumer has a customer service query regarding a product or service, for example, Twitter-savvy customers will prefer to contact a verified brand account.

Only Twitter can provide verification badges. As a result, any account attempting to use a picture of the verification badge in their profile or background images, or implying they are verified without a Twitter login, may be suspended from the site.

Let me repeat: accounts to be verified are found to be legitimate and of public interest. This applies to user accounts in the following areas of interest:

  • Government
  • Companies, brands, and organizations
  • News organizations and journalists
  • Entertainment
  • Sports and gaming
  • Activists, organizers, and other influential individuals

Brief History of Twitter Verification:

For a short time, anyone might submit an application to be evaluated for Twitter verification. If the individual satisfied the verification standards, they would be accepted. Twitter decided to work on a new verification procedure towards the end of 2017 to enhance the whole

process and guarantee verified accounts followed their new criteria. As a result, Twitter has put a hold on receiving public profile verification submissions as part of this endeavor.

In May 2018, Twitter began verifying politicians who appeared on general election ballots and introducing election labels in the United States to designate which race they were running in.

As of May 20, 2021, Twitter has reopened verification for prominent personalities and high-interest accounts in the previously listed categories. Since this is the first time anybody has sought verification since 2017, it’s crucial to understand the requirements for your profile to be examined.

Criteria of Twitter verification in 2021:

Twitter has a few prerequisites for accounts that wish to be verified now that the Twitter verification has been reopened, including their presence, activity, and profile status. While meeting these standards does not guarantee that you will acquire the blue checkmark verification badge, you should make sure that certain aspects of your Twitter presence are in order before submitting your application.


Authentic, notable, and active accounts


Given the tremendous demand for verification, Twitter should establish some basic guidelines for which sorts of accounts should be verified. The social network gives a lot of information on their official verification support center to aid accounts in the six categories described above, so make sure to double-check the exact criteria for your business or specialty before applying.

In general, there are a few crucial measures to demonstrating your account’s validity and notability:


Authentic: You may confirm this with Twitter by legally validating your identity, such as with picture ID evidence, or your affiliation with a noteworthy organization, such as by sending an email from an official domain.


Notable: This part of the verification process offers the highest granularity per category, as detailed in Twitter’s help center. In general, mentions in news sources or official sites, Twitter follower count, involvement in their industry, and adherence to Twitter rules, and good behavior on the network are all key criteria.


Active: In addition to overall active usage, Twitter looks at the profile’s completeness, such as the completion of security procedures such as email and phone confirmation, and the absence of recent bans due to Twitter rule infractions.

Fortunately, the categories and requirements correspond to the phases of Twitter’s new verification procedure, so after you’ve figured out this information, you’ll be well on your way to earning the blue checkmark badge.

How to get verified on Twitter:

If you think your business or influencer profile is ready to start the certification process, the processes are now quite straightforward.




  1. Start the verification process:

The Twitter verification is now self-serve from within the app. Access your account settings on the desktop or mobile

app and click ‘Request verification.

  1. Select an account category:

After that, you’ll be asked to choose a category from the six that are eligible, and you’ll be guided through the process of providing particular requirements for authenticity and notability for that category.


  1. Verify your activity in your category:

After you’ve decided on a category, the following step depends on what you want to do. Individuals in the entertainment industry, for example, may be required to authenticate their position through IMDB credits, journalists may be required to connect to current pieces, and activists or influencers may be required to fulfill following and mention levels.


  1. Verify your identification:

You’ll also be required to provide proof of general identities, such as a photo ID or a link to the account being filed on an official website.


  1. Submit the request:

Once you’ve done providing this information, your request will be placed in a queue for consideration, which might take up to a few weeks depending on the current amount of requests, according to Twitter.


If your application is approved, the blue badge will show without any more action on your part. If it’s refused, you’ll want to double-check your information and completeness of your profile, and you’ll be allowed to resubmit after 30 days.

How to stay verified on Twitter

Even if your account is verified, if you don’t follow Twitter’s rules and community standards, you risk losing your blue verification badge.

If you do any of the following, your Twitter verified badge will be removed. You might not be able to get it back if you lose it.

By the way, regardless of whether your account has been verified on Twitter or not, performing any of the following is always a poor idea.


  1. Do not create your blue badge for your profile picture:


Don’t want to wait for your Twitter account to be verified? Do you think it’s alright if you Photoshop your blue checkmark emblem onto your profile or background photo?

Reconsider your position. Only Twitter can verify accounts and provide the verification badge. Any account that displays a bogus badge on their Twitter profile to indicate that Twitter has verified them will have their account suspended.


  1. Do not change your Twitter display name:


Your account was verified because it was judged genuine, reputable, and relevant to the general public. Changing your Twitter handle or bio is considered deceptive, especially if the changes change the account’s initial purpose. Keep anything you were verified with (unless you have a legitimate reason, e.g. your business name changes).


  1. Be civil:


This is just wonderful life advice in general. Your Twitter verified account will be suspended and unverified if you promote hatred or violence of any type, including harassing other Twitter users and spreading gory material of any kind. Simply said, don’t do that.


  1. Follow the Twitter Rules at all times:


Are you unsure about the Twitter Rules? Are you unsure if something you’re planned will violate them? To be sure, have a quick look over the regulations. If you do something that is against the rules, your account will be unverified and perhaps suspended.

Make sure you’re utilizing your account in a way that helps your company establish a legitimate, engaging, and genuine Twitter presence. This will pay off in the long run.

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