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How to Get Subscribers on YouTube?

Introduction to YouTube:

YouTube was invited by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim in 2005 where people can share and find videos. It was a simple platform at that time. But now it has 1.7 Billion monthly viewers and this is second most watched platform. YouTube has continuously adding new feature from past 17 years to improve user experience.  People are earning money by uploading videos and by getting more subscribers on YouTube.

Get Subscribers on YouTube:

If you want to earn money from YouTube you have to get 1000 subscribers on your YouTube channel for monetization. If you achieve this target your earning will start. The more you subscribers get the higher you rise on. If you want branding on YouTube instead of earning money you still need subscribers.

Here are some tips to take YouTube subscribers for free.

How to get more Subscribers on YouTube

Before diving in to the following steps you need to know about how to make YouTube channel.

1- Create a powerful channel branding

  • Channel branding is significant way to tell your viewers who you are and which type of content they can suppose from you.
  • Your YouTube banner should be attractive that welcome everyone to watch your channel.
  • Banner should be clean, convincing, and optimized.

Channel icon

  • Your logo on YouTube is your channel icon.
  • It seems on your channel page and anywhere you comment on.
  • Make sure definitely signifies you and easily explain your work.

     Channel description

  • You can write up to 1000 letters in your channel description which tell your users about your content. This will show on your about page.

     Channel trailer

  • YouTube has customization setting which permit you to place your best featured image on top of the channel page.
  • You can put one featured video on top for new viewers and another video for existing subscribers.


2-Request your audience to subscribe your YouTube channel

  • Most of the people watch your videos but don’t subscribe your channel. So, remind your viewers to subscribe your channel.
  • You can remind them at the start of your video by adding subscribe icon on the screen.
  • But it’s more effective if you ask them at the end of video. Because if they like your video they will absolutely subscribe your channel.
  • Prove them why they should subscribe your channel by uploading an informative or entertaining video.

3- Tell your viewers what’s coming next

  • Let your audience know what the title of your next video is.
  • If they like your previous video they will feel curious and subscribe your channel to watch your video.

4- Verify your Google Account

  • If you are going to upload a video longer than 15 min you have to verify your account first.
  • If you want to form a professional channel you should made videos longer than 15 minutes.
  • To verify your YouTube account; go to on your desktop and follow the instructions.
  • Once your account gets verified you can upload a video up to 12 hours long.

Longer videos tend to rank better in YouTube

5- Interconnect with your viewers

  • You should make a good interaction with your viewers. If you do so people will like to watch your next videos and subscribe your channel.
  • If you respond your audience they will get excited that a YouTuber replied to them. They will give you ideas about your next videos and tell you that which type of content they like.

   6-Video Thumbnails

  • A cover photo of your video is your thumbnail which should be 1280 x 720px.
  • Consider it is as a mini film poster which can easily grabs your audience attention towards your video.
  • Another constitutes of your channel branding are reliable, authentic and custom thumbnails. They let your audience know about the content of your video.
  • Thumbnails should be interesting, spicy, entertaining or fascinating that makes people curious and they must click on the video.

7-Video description helps you to get Subscribers on YouTube

  • Add links of your other videos in video description.
  • Put hashtags of your video title to other related keywords.
  • Paste maximum hashtags to get subscribers on YouTube.

8-YouTube’s Subscription tool

  • YouTube has fixed clickable tools that help you to subscribe your channel from the people who have watched your video.

9-Promote Videos in Your End Screen

  • Attach the link of your existing video at the end of the screen when video is almost 30 seconds long.
  • The more your videos watched the more you get the subscribers.
  • For adding end screen video click on the Content of creator studio, select

10- Arrange videos in playlist

  • Playlist is a best way to increase your watch time and followers on your YouTube channel.
  • Like a Netflix series, YouTube playlist play videos automatically in an arranged manner. So, people don’t need to search for a related content as it will auto play on their screen.
  • If viewers like your video series they will subscribe your YouTube channel.

11- Upload your new video at ideal time

  • If your aim is to increase subscribers, you should pay attention on your quality and the ideal time that suits your audience.
  • For this purpose you can use Hootsuite to schedule your upcoming videos.

12- Collaborate with other YouTubers

  • Contact with other YouTuber with more subscribers they will recommend your YouTube channel in video.
  • Viewers trust their recommendations so; they will absolutely follow your YouTube channel.

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